Friday, July 22, 2011

parenthood and the birth of everything swell. indicated by our first post, nick and i just entered the world of parenthood! it's already been a series of ups and downs (more emotionally than anything else) and he's only 10 weeks. motherhood has definitely been an adjustment, both hard and wonderful. who knew that such a tiny little thing could turn my life upside down and yet be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

my hope is that with starting this blog it will give nick and i both a creative outlet for ourselves. once responsibility hits, it's really hard to give yourself the ability to be creative. english/writing was definitely not my best subject in school but i think i'll really enjoy posting things about life and the things i enjoy that are around me or that i come in contact with, even if no one follows. i didn't want to limit my blog to any specific subject, hence the title everything swell! i want to post about anything that's of interest to me at the time...anything from music to a piece of used furniture on craigslist to the cute things that my son does on any given day. here's to starting something new!

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